Curtis Jun
Appears in: Pokemon Adventure/02
Birthdate: May 1st, 1997
First appearance Pokemon Adventure [M1]
Last appearance Adventure 02: "A Million Points of Light"
Voice actor(s):

(en) Amy Birnbaum (S1) Michael Sinterniklaas (S2)

Partner(s): Totodile
Pokemon Eggs:

Hope, and Strength


Adventure / 02:

(En:) 9 / 13

Grade Adventure / 02:

(En:) 3rd / 8th

Gender Male
Known relatives Palmer Jun (Father), Nancy Barell (Mother)

Barry Jun (Older Brother)
Unnamed Epilogue Son, Daughter, Neice, and Nephew

Nationality Half Japanese, 1/4 French, 1/4 American
Occupation Author (Epilogue)


  • Curtis is the only character that almost died, as he was severing getting attacked by Jupiter's Skunktank. That's when Sara showed her true feelings saying that she didn't want him to die.

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