Season 1 charactersEdit

Lucas Koki:

Lucas was seen wearing a a big pair of winter pants (God knows why he would wear that during the summer times). He is seen wearing a red and dark bluish t-shirt, and sometimes on occasions he wears a big winter jacket (God knows why he likes the heat a lot better). He is always seen wearing a red cap, that represents him as the leader. Lucas wears a black pair of sneakers.

Barry Jun:

Barry was seen wearing a pair of more fall like temperature pants. Barry wears a yellow and white striped t-shirt. Sometimes he would wear a scarf (No one knows why). Barry wears some heavy brown boots like that of a construction worker (No one knows why).

Eyan Shirou:

Eyan was seen wearing a pair of summer like blue running pants (finally something appropriate). He is seen wearing a black t-shirt covered with a summer jacket that is sleeveless. He wears a regular pair of shoes that aren't that important. He wears a red cap that gives him good leadership.

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